Research Interests

My primary research interest focuses upon analyzing and understanding feminist engagement in technology and digital spaces. My current comprehensive examination topic examines ‘The Hacker Ethic’—a set of practices and ideals that define many hacktivist gatherings—and analyzing its oppositional intents and results. In particular, I am exploring how these set of ideologies and practices are used to resist certain power structures (e.g., capitalism) while simultaneously maintaining others (e.g., patriarchy).

My secondary research, which arises from my Masters’ work and previous employment, focuses on criminalized women from a feminist abolitionist perspective. I hold the position that all persons have the right to access equal opportunities and be free of discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, economic standing, religion, and ability. Further areas of research that inspire me include, but are not limited to: social issues, law reform, and community development from a feminist perspective.